Holiday wishes, and Introductory pricing

We hope the holidays have treated everyone well, and you have all recovered from festivities in time to celebrate the new year next week. In the spirit of Boxing Day sales, we will shortly be rolling out our atoms to bits service for the introductory price of $40 per item (or set of items, with some size constraints) scanned. This service provides a one of a kind fully three dimensional file containing a full representation of the object you send us, with high geometric accuracy and even the ability to distinguish between different compositions of material in your object of interest. We are lucky to have access to highly accurate and precise imaging technologies, and are hoping to expand both our offerings as well as some additional data storage and analysis methodologies in the near future. Please stay tuned for shipping options for non-Torontonians, but if you are located in the greater Toronto area we will shortly provide a drop off location for receipt and pickup of your item of interest for our special introductory rate. Thanks for your interest, and stay tuned also to our gallery, as we will be updating with more examples of the types of items and images one can obtain using our scanning technique.