Description of the images in our gallery

As you can see in our gallery, we have included some example images to hopefully describe visually what some of our services will look like.  

Displayed are a few brief examples of the sorts of work we can do.  A scan of six Kinder Surprise eggs is shown, with the contents displayed using a free 3D image viewer.  Clearly seen in the second image below is the doll's head in the 3D software program, with the doll held in approximately the same configuration in front of the computer.  The yellow portion in front of the head is the dress, inverted so as to fit within the egg.  Future images will contain a 3D reconstruction of the doll printed on a 3D printer. 

The Kinder Surprise egg is a treat (unfortunately not available in the US, due to the presence of a "choking hazard"), in which a toy is embedded in a plastic enclosure within a chocolate egg.  This demonstrates visualizing the insides of the egg without any intervention, using our technology.  A 3D rendered surface is shown, as well as individual image slices, shown to the right.

A 3D rendered surface of the contents of the Kinder surprise (in the yellow box on screen), with the actual doll held in approximately the same configuration as the scan.